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Replace Your Teeth With Dental Bridges in Lakewood, CO

Save your smile by replacing lost teeth with a bridge. Family West Dentistry in Lakewood, CO, helps you maintain your smile after losing your teeth by offering single tooth and multiple teeth bridges; prosthetics that fill the space of a lost tooth and keep your mouth properly aligned.

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How Teeth Bridges Save Your Existing Teeth

Missing teeth are a nuisance during adulthood. Surrounding teeth will shift without the support of the missing tooth, causing bite problems, jaw alignment issues, discomfort, chewing problems, and much more. A dental bridge fixes these issues by filling the space between your teeth, keeping them from shifting.

What’s Included in a Bridge for Your Teeth

Bridges for teeth typically have two parts: the abutment teeth, and the pontics. Abutment teeth are crowns on either side of the pontics—the fake tooth that replaces your missing tooth.

Abutment teeth fit over your healthy teeth and create a physical bridge that keeps your new tooth in place.

  • Protect your other teeth with a dental bridge. Your existing teeth will try to move into the space left by your missing tooth. Bridges for teeth will keep this space occupied so your spacing stays consistent.
  • Readjust your bite with teeth bridges. Adding a bridge and replacing a missing tooth redistributes the force of your bite, protecting your other teeth from rapid degradation.

  • Restore your speech, pronunciation, and even your smile by ordering a bridge for your tooth. Replacing that missing tooth helps your mouth and tongue form clearer syllables.
  • Have you been told that you don’t need a dental bridge? Call Family West Dentistry and get a free second opinion from our experts. We’ll take a quick look at your mouth and give you honest advice.

Consult with our Lakewood, CO, dentists today to see if you need a dental bridge!

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It is such a great experience every time the family goes to the dentist. The office staff is always kind and friendly, easy to talk to. My daughter loves Dr. Kayla, she says she is awesome and funny. I have never been more happy with a dentist.

Carrie H.

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Veronica was very friendly and she’s very polite! Very easy to schedule or change appointments. Im very comfortable in their office. Doctor Lowther and the assistants made me feel welcome and safe.

Ana B.