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Get Partial & Permanent Dentures in Lakewood, CO

Replace a lost tooth using permanent dentures and regain your smile. Family West Dentistry helps patients improve their oral health and quality of life with custom-fitted full and partial dentures. We’ll help you improve oral function and your appearance with long-lasting implants that match your natural teeth.

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New Patients are Eligible for Free Whitening 

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Dental Dentures & Their Function

Dental dentures are oral replacements for missing teeth. The synthetic device covers your gums with tooth prosthetics that look just like natural teeth. If you lose a tooth because of injury or a condition like hypodontia, teeth dentures are an efficient way to restore oral functionality and appearance. 

Dentures Are Easy, Removable, & Customizable

Rest assured that our dental dentures require no surgery or downtime. Family West Dentistry makes your dentures by forming a mold of your mouth, then uses that mold to design and create the prosthetic. The prosthetic is removable, so you don’t always have to wear it.

  • Replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or your entire mouth with our dentures. We offer full-mouth and partial dentures, allowing us to cover all of your oral replacement needs.
  • Fall in love with your smile by getting permanent dentures. As the name implies, these dentures offer a lasting solution to lost teeth; they mimic the appearance of normal teeth and restore full functionality to your mouth.
  • Make your dentures affordable by choosing our dental practice. We accept Medicaid and PPO plans for all procedures and services, including dental dentures.
  • Are you having trouble deciding between dentures or dental implants? Get a free second opinion from our dentists. We’ll give you our best medical advice to help you make the best decision for your health.

Make an appointment with Family West Dentistry in Lakewood, CO, to see if your teeth need dentures!

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It is such a great experience every time the family goes to the dentist. The office staff is always kind and friendly, easy to talk to. My daughter loves Dr. Kayla, she says she is awesome and funny. I have never been more happy with a dentist.

Carrie H.

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Veronica was very friendly and she’s very polite! Very easy to schedule or change appointments. Im very comfortable in their office. Doctor Lowther and the assistants made me feel welcome and safe.

Ana B.