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Regular visits to the dentist can help prevent more serious health issues from developing. If you live in Lakewood, CO, visit Dr. Smith and our team at Family West Dentistry. With over 20 years of experience, we’ll take care of your entire family’s smiles with detailed dental services.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

We offer a full range of family dentistry services, so you can get the care you need in one appointment, from regular cleanings to fluoride treatments. We’ll keep your teeth looking pearly white year-round with high-quality dental services.

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Cosmetic DentistrY

If you don’t have naturally straight and shapely teeth, some of our cosmetic dentistry services might be right for you. We can install veneer caps or implants to achieve a natural smile. We also provide teeth whitening solutions that can remove years of coffee, tea, and wine stains and whiten without damaging the enamel. Call to learn about our full line of cosmetic dental services.

Crowns & Fillings

If you have gaps or chips in your teeth, protective coverings like crowns might be a good option for you. In addition, we offer high-quality fillings to resolve pesky cavities that cause pain to your teeth and jaw. Find a smile solution that works for you with Family West Dentistry. 


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Emergency Services

When you have a dental emergency, turn to us for same-day emergency services. Pain in your mouth makes it hard to eat, sleep, and even think, so call us to take care of your issues quickly. Our team is always here for you.

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When you need dental services you can trust, call Family West Dentistry. We want to boost your confidence with a brilliant smile, so call to schedule an appointment with our expert team today! We’re also proud to offer free second opinions.